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Download wmaSnip
Click the following link to download the 6.2MB installation file. Install wmaSnip by running the downloaded file:
[Note: if you have security issues with your browser when downloading the above .exe file, the following link is to the same file in a zipped archive; you should be able to download this file with no problems, but you will need to extract the .exe file from the archive after downloading: wmaSnip_setup_108.zip]
Read the latest release notes here:
Release notes (v1.08)

Please note that the current version of wmaSnip is no longer supported, and the download links on this page may no longer work. A new version of the program is in development which will have many improvements and new features, and which will be compatible with the latest versions of the Windows OS. More information will be posted here as it becomes available. Thanks for your patience.

wmaSnip is an audio file editor for Windows XP with Windows Media Player, designed to allow the easy identification and extraction of sections of audio, referred to in wmaSnip as segments. A segment may be as small as a single note in a song, or as large as a complete track in, for example, a concert or a vinyl LP recording. Editing is non-destructive, i.e. the audio content of the original file is not affected, any extracted segments being written to new files. Segments can be defined manually (by moving start and end markers in a graphical representation of the source audio). For large files, containing multiple tracks, wmaSnip can automatically define segments using silence detection; wmaSnip also connects to the online music metadata service at MusicBrainz.org, and can use its data to locate tracks within long recordings and define these as segments.
Screen shot
Main window
Main window
Supports Windows Media Audio (WMA), MPEG Audio (MP3) and Wave Audio (WAV) input files.
Handles DRM-protected WMA files (with appropriate content licences).
Media files accessible via Windows Media Player library.
Easy manual location and definition of audio segments.
Automatic location and definition of segments in large files using silence detection and/or metadata from online DB at MusicBrainz.
Apply fade-in and/or fade-out to smooth abrupt segments boundaries.
Insert silence at beginning and/or end of segments recordings.
Save audio content of segments as WMA, MP3 or WAV file.
Easily create audio "thumbnails". Audio can be downsampled while recording.
System requirements:
Windows XP SP2
Windows Media Player (version 9 or later). Note: wmaSnip doesn't require WMP to be running, or even to be assigned as the default media player; it only requires that WMP is installed on the user's computer. Windows Media Player is available as a free download from Microsoft here:
Use the link at the top of this page to download the file wmaSnip_setup_108.exe, a 6.18MB, digitally-signed, self-extracting and installing compressed file. Run the downloaded file to install wmaSnip on your computer. (Note that you must have Administrator's rights in Windows XP. Note also that the installation may take several minutes to install the necessary Windows Media Format components). The software can be uninstalled using "Add/Remove Programs" from Windows Control Panel.
Registration and licensing:
Please note that the option to register at the website of www.RegSoft.com, as described in the program and its documentation, is no longer supported. Registration and licensing can now only be done using the PayPal option described below.
wmaSnip is released as a fully functional trial version that you are allowed to use for an evaluation period of up to fifteen days. If you then decide to continue using the program, you should register your copy of the software and purchase a licence. The licence entitles you to technical support, and to free upgrades to the program as and when these become available.
You can register the program and purchase an individual licence, costing GBP12.00, using your PayPal account or credit card, by clicking the PayPal button below.
Once your payment is approved, you will be sent an email containing your registration code. This code should be entered into the Registration dialog, accessed from the program's Help/Registration menu. This will unlock the program, enabling all its functionality and removing all reminder warnings.

wmaSnip was designed for Windows XP. A Vista-compatible version is currently under development.
The downloadable installation file is digitally signed by Andrew Bridle Computer Services. Unsigned copies of the software should not be installed.
The installation package for wmaSnip was created with the excellent Inno Setup from Jordan Russell.
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