"Oh, so they have the internet on computers now?" Homer Jay Simpson
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The programs below were developed by me, and are available for download here as evaluation versions.
Adsyn7 is a sound synthesis (and re-synthesis) application for Windows 7 and Vista. It creates audio waveforms using the methods of Additive Synthesis, constructing complex sounds by adding together sine (and other) waves of various frequencies and amplitudes... more
wmaSnip is a Windows XP editor for WMA, MP3 and WAV audio files. Editing is non-destructive, (i.e. the original audio content is not changed), but the file can be annotated with markers defining segments of the audio content. Segment definitions can be used as cue-points, allowing easy access to and playback of defined sections of audio. The audio content of segments can also be extracted and saved in various formats... more
Twizla 3
Twizla 3 is an audio program that creates music and sound effects, intended to be relaxing and calming. Several preset sessions are provided for easy playback; the presets also form the starting point for creating your own sessions. All of the parameters of the session are easily editable... more
Twizla 2
Twizla 2 is a free multimedia entertainment for Windows XP. It creates displays with dynamic, evolving colours and visual effects, accompanied by music and sound. A variety of preset displays is provided, together with an editor for creating your own displays... more
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