"Oh, so they have the internet on computers now?" Homer Jay Simpson
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“There are no cookbook methods that can replace intelligence, experience, and good taste in design and programming.” (Bjarne Stroustrup, creator of the C++ language)
I've been providing freelance IT services for more than twenty years, working in a wide range of industries in a variety of countries. My CV, with full details of my work experience and skills set, is available from the contact page.
Web design ranging from modest personal sites, with static pages of simple HTML, to large web-based multi-tiered business applications.
Experience with many design tools. This site was developed with Visual Web Developer (part of Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005).
Coding in languages ranging from mainframe batch COBOL to C#, and Internet programming from socket-level HTTP through to ASP.NET with AJAX and Microsoft's Silverlight. The code behind this site is VB.NET and JavaScript; the programs on my software page were written in C++.
Experience in many IT sectors, including manufacturing, financial, media, local government etc, on projects varying from Y2K-compliance checking to reprogramming the Windows GINA for a biometric logon system (not something to try at home).
Multimedia programming for Windows using DirectX, the Windows Media Player ActiveX control, Silverlight, and the Windows Media Format SDK.

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