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08/07/2003 New version, v1.5, now available for download. Read the latest release notes here.

Note that Adsyn7 was developed for Windows 7. It has also been tested, and run successfully, under Windows Vista.
Click the following link to download the 2.5 Mb installation file. Install Adsyn7 by running the downloaded file:
Download Adsyn7
Note: if you have security issues with your browser when downloading the above .exe file, the following link is to the same file in a zipped archive; you should be able to download this file with no problems, but you will need to extract the .exe file from the archive after downloading:
Download Adsyn7 (zipped)
Adsyn7 is a sound synthesis application for Windows Vista and Windows 7. It creates audio waveforms using the methods of Additive Synthesis, constructing complex sounds by adding together simpler waveforms (usually sine waves) of various frequencies and amplitudes.

Adsyn7 replaces AdsynDX, the Windows XP version of the program, which is no longer supported. Amongst other improvements, Adsyn7 offers the following benefits compared to AdsynDX:

  • A redesigned user interface providing easier editing
  • Adsyn7 now uses the Portaudio audio API, providing better support for systems with multiple sound cards and drivers
  • Better support for 24-bit samples at higher (up to 96 KHz) sampling rates
  • Partials may now contain Brown, as well as Pink and White, noise
  • Ability to save envelopes to a file for later re-use in other waves
There are many online resources about Additive Synthesis, and Adsyn7 has comprehensive documentation with tutorials, a full technical description and an introduction to basic sound theory. The following examples of sounds created with Adsyn7 demonstrate some of its capabilities.
These are recordings of some of Adsyn7's built-in preset sounds; the presets can be used as starting points when constructing your own sounds.







Screen shot
Main window
Main window
Adsyn7 allows an unlimited number of partials (subject to memory constraints), and (with a suitable soundcard) can create mono or stereo waves at sample-rates up to 96 KHz.
New sounds can be based on comprehensive presets and templates.
Partials can be based on sine, fractional (1/f distribution) or random wave-table data, and on white, pink and brown noise.
Partials can be harmonic (i.e. integer multiples of the fundamental frequency), or inharmonic (producing non-musical or bell-like tones).
Each partial’s amplitude is controlled by a fully-editable envelope, and a mixer section allows easy control of the partial mix.
In 2-channel (stereo) waves, the partials on each channel can be detuned, and the phase of each channel adjusted, to create dynamic stereo effects.
Create partial sets based on an FFT analysis of an existing audio (.wav) file, or from a recording source connected to the soundcard.
Audio output can be saved as standard RIFF audio (.wav) data.
System requirements:
Windows 7 or Vista
Soundcard with appropriate drivers
Use the link at the top of this page to download the file Adsyn7_install_v15.exe, a 2.5 Mb, digitally-signed, self-extracting and installing compressed file. Run the downloaded file to install Adsyn7 on your computer. (Note that you must have Administrator's rights in Windows Vista). The software can be uninstalled using "Add/Remove Programs" from Windows Control Panel. If you have a previous version of Adsyn installed, this version should be installed to the same location to preserve options and settings from the old version, and to continue with your registration details (if any).
Registration and licensing:
Adsyn7 is released as a fully functional trial version that you are allowed to use for an evaluation period of up to fifteen days. If you then decide to continue using the program, you should register your copy of the software and purchase a licence. The licence entitles you to technical support, and to free upgrades to the program as and when these become available.
You can register the program and purchase an individual licence, costing GBP13.00, using your PayPal account or credit card, by clicking the PayPal button below.
Once your payment is approved, you will be sent an email containing your registration code. This code should be entered into the Registration dialog, accessed from the program's Help/Registration menu. This will unlock the program, enabling all its functionality and removing all reminder warnings.
Adsyn7 was designed for Windows 7 and has also been tested successfully under Windows Vista.
The installation package for Adsyn7 was created with the excellent Inno Setup from Jordan Russell.
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